How to get into Instagram recommendations 2021? (step by step instructions)

Getting into Instagram recommendations gives the profile additional coverage, attracts a new audience, and “warms up” the interest of users who once visited your page, but never dared to follow. How to get to the TOP of Instagram, and on what basis is this section formed? Let’s find out today!

What are Instagram recommendations?

Recommendations are a section with publications that match your interests. Unlike TOP, it is personalized. Simply put, it is formed according to the requests of each specific user. This innovation aims to support creators who publish interesting and engaging content. Thanks to the new section, they will get additional organic reach.

Types of recommendations

There are 2 types of recommendations on Instagram :

  • Recommended publications. Photos, videos, gifs, stories, and IGTV are displayed here, which are formed according to interests. In the mobile version of the application, this section is marked with a magnifying glass icon, and in the web version – with a compass icon.
  • Recommended accounts. This is a list of Instagram profiles that you are asked to follow. For example, if you follow 5 accounts of book publishers, then the recommendations will offer similar profiles.

Recommendations categories

Categories are available only in the mobile version of the application. Each category contains content related to the topic:

  • IGTV ;
  • Shop;
  • Games;
  • Style;
  • Travels;
  • Food;
  • The beauty;
  • Sport;

What is shown in the recommendations and how it works

The “Recommendations” section is formed according to the following principle:

  • Instagram studies the similarity of profiles and posts with each other – the same tags, keywords in the texts, similar elements in the pictures, and so on. The social network pays special attention to the text, filtering it for violations and combining it into groups.
  • The Instagram algorithm carefully monitors your actions: who do you like, which pages you follow, what you save, whose posts you comment on. Based on the data received, Instagram selects publications and accounts that, in theory, may interest you.
  • After your interests are analyzed and similar content is found, a preliminary pool is formed, limited to 500 publications that may be of interest to you. And from them, the best 25 pieces are already selected. The algorithm selects them according to the principle of the greatest likelihood of interacting with you.

Also, a few more non-obvious factors affect the inclusion of content in recommendations :

  • the total number of interactions with the publication and its novelty (date of publication);
  • post content – what is shown in the photo, and whether there is a text description;
  • Alt-text of the photo – a short description of the image (often Alt has generated automatically, but you can also type it manually).

How to get featured on Instagram

The more often posts appear in the recommendations, the more likely it is to attract additional traffic to your page. We reveal a couple of secrets of how to get to the TOP:

  • Create content for the needs of the target audience. It’s not enough just to get into the recommendations, you need to make users want to click on your post. Therefore, the content of the publication should correspond to the interests of your target audience.
  • Follow the text. Instagram algorithms analyze every word in the description, so if your post contains the word “music”, then the publication is more likely to fall into the appropriate category or will be shown to fans of music, festivals, and so on.
  • Post more videos. Videos get more attention than static images. They are much more likely to be liked, commented on, saved, and sent to friends. And engaging content, as you know, significantly increases the chances of getting into recommendations.
  • Try making viral posts. Viral content has a special place in the hearts of active social media users. After all, it solves several problems at once: it provides free coverage and increases awareness.
  • Use tags. Don’t forget about hashtags under each post. They can be added in the description of the photo/video or the comments. The maximum number of tags per post is 30. The right tags increase the reach of your post.
  • Analyze statistics. This will help you understand which posts are liked by the audience, and which, on the contrary, are not admirable.
  • Follow the trends. See which posts related to your activity are getting the most likes and comments. Perhaps there is an interesting challenge now underway, or an informational newsfeed “walks” on the Web, about which you can make a separate post with a detailed opinion.
  • Add a call to action. For example, “like it, if you liked the post”, or “share your opinion in the comments”.
  • Connect with your audience. Try to respond to comments, process negativity, broadcast live, like users in response, and ask users questions. Your main goal is to increase engagement.

What will get you into Interesting on Instagram

Advantages of being included in the recommendation:

  • Reach your target audience for free. Your post will be seen not just by random people, but by those users whom the Instagram algorithm considers interested in your content.
  • Become part of the TOP. In the eyes of users, recommendations look like a list of high-quality content generated by a social network based on your interests, and not on the order of advertisers. Consequently, the audience perceives such publications more loyally.
  • “Catch up” those who have not followed earlier. Your posts will most likely end up in “Interesting” by users who previously interacted with your account, but did not become followers.


If you violate the limits of the social network (this is the limit on the number of likes, comments, following, and other actions that the algorithms and the administration of the social network used to identify suspicious activity and accounts), then you can easily end up in a “shadow ban”, which is extremely difficult to get out of.

What does it mean? Instagram will simply limit the impressions of posts, they will not get to the top and recommendations, as well as be on hashtags.

Tips and nuances

Here are some tips to help you get into recommendations:

  • Create useful content. Look at what influencers are writing about, what they are talking about now, and what news feeds are “walking” on the Internet. The main rule is to correctly define your niche. Perhaps your blog will be about daily life, travel, or professional craft. Also, do not forget about high-quality photo processing and catchy titles.
  • Comments and likes. The second advice follows from the first advice: if your content is not interesting to users, then you should not count on a large wave of likes and comments. To get responses to published material, use Insta-Chips: ask the audience questions, write calls to action, actively respond to comments, and like users’ pictures in response.
  • Bookmarks and coverage. “Saved” is a section on Instagram where users can add content they like and create thematic collections. “Reach” is the number of users who saw your post. To increase your reach and the number of saves, it is important to use hashtags and geotags. The latter is needed only for regional profiles promoting goods and services by city.


Yes, recommendations provide additional coverage but don’t get too hung up on it. The main rule is to generate quality content because even getting into the TOP does not guarantee you a big flurry of followers. You must be able to engage users and keep their attention. Good luck!

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