GTA 6 Is Going To Be Released Soon? Here’s Everything We Know

The YouTuber makes plenty of interesting, though unprovable, theorizing about the letter’s contents and what it truly implies, but the key takeaway from the letter is its date, November 24.

And, to form matters even more interesting, if the GTA 6 announcement date is November 24, 2021, then the GTA 6 release date appears to be November 2023. What evidence can we have? Because that two-year gap existed between the reveal and release dates of both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Assuming Rockstar keeps faithful to its release schedule, PS5 and Xbox Series X users may expect to play GTA 6 in November 2023. That’s undoubtedly welcome news for several who were recently disappointed by a report that GTA 6 wouldn’t be released until 2025.

So there’s plenty of leak and rumor here, and extremely little of what we’ve heard is often proven. As a result, the quality salt shaker must always air hand.

However, there’s no denying that GTA 6 rumors and leaks have accelerated significantly in recent months, which can be a touch of huge things to come back. And soon, with November 24 only a touch quite 5 weeks away.

So, here’s hoping that gamers get their first observe GTA 6 sooner instead of later because there’s little question that it’s the quantity one cross-platform game that the majority of gamers want.

Rockstar should be ready to flex its muscles in terms of breadth and graphic fidelity in GTA 6, due to the facility available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, making the sport a real benchmark for the next-gen consoles are capable of.

If the sport is released in 2023, both consoles are far into their life cycles, with developers knowing how to program for them and milk all drops of performance out of them.

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