GTA 6 Is Going To Be Released Soon? Here’s Everything We Know

Let’s get started! Following several major GTA 6 leaks over the past month that resulted in the game trending on Twitter and a political candidate job offering hinting at a spectacular graphical update, a finding that’s said to carry clues on when the subsequent theft Auto is going to be revealed has begun circulating online.

The fantastic news is that the GTA 6 reveal date timing frame inferred from this information is identical to what several other leaks have claimed. The revelation, which is currently making its way around the online grand larceny Auto community, points to a GTA 6 release date of November 24 this year.

There have already been numerous leaks, all of which pointed to a GTA 6 reveal in late 2021, and these appear to own built up a big head of steam in terms of integrity, which is possibly why a comparatively obscure Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2 has generated such a fuss.

To cut an extended story short, a YouTuber discovered something in RDR2 that they linked to theft Auto and, more excitingly for us, a probable GTA 6 announcement date. Within the game, a person’s bones may be found in an exceedingly remote location, and on his body may be a note that, per the YouTuber, encompasses a double meaning and links to real-world events and individuals connected with Rockstar and their company Take-Two Interactive.

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